Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tie Dye Combination

Fun experience make an exploration to be a good combination.
Love to share with them.

This is me and my exploration with tie dye..

Tie Dye Exploration

I pick this one as my favorite one..

Some tie dye. Love the Exploration make a good Combination..

Save Our Heart Save Our Earth

My Assignment.. Make an Earth Campaign dedicated for children.. We teach children, we learn from children.. that's the point! (Postcard, Poster)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love this things..

I Love the Fishy!!! one Fishy two fishy three fishy four fishy five fishy six fishy seven fishy eight fishy nine fishy ten fishy eleven fishy twelve fishy thirteen fishy fourteen fishy. There is fourteen fishy and two tail

There Birdie birdie birdie...

The Flow Grow Everywhere!!!! Blossom Blossom so Awesome.......

Cuppie Cakes... Hhhhmmm.... Yummy! For the one who Loves cuppie cake...

Lolli again... Swirl Swirl Love The Swirl!!!!

Rhino, Lamby, Gyra, Owsie, Elle, Snork are playing..

Trees Trees Trees.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hanging Hanger

...Picky Time..
Hanging Hanger
hhmm... unfinished advertise,, hihi.. unfinish project too. but it's ok! : )

City Pulp

One of my artwork. It's a pulp of paper... nothing diffrent from the drawing one, but the sense of making it i think. full of expressions... love the exploration : )